Gadget or Gimmick? – Holiday Edition

This $1,700 appliance (see below) leaves me with more questions than answers. First of all, who would want this on their counter top?  It’s certainly not for someone who loves, or knows how, to cook.. so I’m guessing it’s for someone who doesn’t? Second of all, where would you store this chopper/crock monstrosity? Thirdly, did a bunch of engineers at Kenwood (not to be confused with Kenmore) really think this Franken-tool made culinary sense.. or that it just looked cool?  And lastly, what could you reasonably expect to get for this appliance at a garage sale next year?

Hey, I’m just asking..

(Watch this video close attention to the part where they remove the lid and “steam” the fish by balancing a brownie pan on top.. I mean c’mon folks, for real?)


Too bad I got rid of my daughter’s Easy Bake Oven years ago. I could have had my husband attach the food processor to it, create an app that controls it and we’d be spittin’ out cookies faster than you can say Shark Tank Millionaire! 😉



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    1. Cindy says:

      I wish I worked for a company with a team of elves on stand-by to actually create every shiny, bad idea I think of.. Obviously there are enough people out there who buy this stuff.

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