Closing out a Big Chapter.

This is the ritual:

Graduation– Loading up every square inch of my car (which I’ve gotten seriously good0hg2sjj4tbmmemyv94guxq at)–road trip–unloading car contents into new apartment– Walmart and IKEA runs–hours of furniture assembly (which my husband has gotten seriously good at)  AND sleeping on the floor which my husband and I are both finding a tad more uncomfortable each time.. (but the price is STILL right!)


And as I sit here this morning sipping my coffee,  surrounded by boxes, (rubbing my aching hip)  I realize that this is a last for us.  We have had at least one of our kids in college since 2003 and now our youngest has graduated and is starting her working life.


So yeah, closing out this chapter is kinda sad.

But as we pack up this morning to head back home, I look around this little apartment in the big city and am once again so proud.




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  1. Kimberly says:

    You are such an awesome mom and all 4 of your kids are blessed! Congrats to you as you begin this next chapter!

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    1. Cindy says:

      Right back at you Kim! 💜☺️


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