Reflections on the Past Week

I had a strange dream last night: I woke up around 5am and decided it was too early to get up. A little while later I woke up again and it was around 4 am. I woke up one last time, and sure enough, it was 3am! Time kept going in the wrong direction!

Weird, huh?

Since there’s no 1-800-INTERPRET-DREAM person to call, I’ll give it a shot myself. It’s been a time of major flux for us trying to decide whether to stay in North Carolina or move back to Florida, and we have finally decided to move. Pulling up roots is painstaking work. The work I can handle, the pain stinks. I guess there must be a part of me that wants to go back in time (see dream above, 🤔) and avoid all of these impending changes.

But that ain’t life is it?

Life is like those “moving walkways” at the airport..they just keep going. You can sit on your suitcase in silent protest, but like it or not, that conveyor will keep taking you forward.

The good thing about making a big decision is you can focus your energy on what clearly needs to be done. That period of uncertainty right before a decision is made is so much tougher for me. So yeah, it’s been a tiring, but clarifying, week. Change is coming.

PS– I did not know that moving walkways have been in American airports since the late 1950s! This is a photo of Lucille Ball “christening” one in 1960. (Look at her skinny legs!!)

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 6.27.36 am


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