Secret Gardens & Garden Secrets

One of the frustrations of living in our townhome up in Charlotte was my inability to have a garden. When I planted a small hydrangea by our front door that first spring after we moved in, my neighbor warned that the association would probably tell me to remove it.  The poor plant must have overheard our conversation because it died (of a broken heart?) shortly thereafter.

I spent the next few years exploring faux-flora, picking out pretty pots for our front and back porches and buying surprisingly realistic fake plants.. Plastic was my garden secret! On one of our trips out of town our neighbor even offered to water them..that’s how real they looked!

But now that we’re back in Florida, I couldn’t wait to get dirt on my knees again. Even though I still have clothes that need to be unpacked and plenty of bulging closets and cabinets crying out for organization, I spent the week-end placing stepping stones, spreading mulch and picking out plants, (real plants!) for my two little garden areas. One, on the side of the house, will be mostly pots with butterfly attracting, flowering perennials. The other space, a secret garden,  by the front door, is all about color..the star of the show being the poinsettia I bought last year after Thanksgiving at the grocery store in Charlotte. Talk about your transplant.. although chances are that plant arrived in Charlotte from Florida just as we did.


Hopefully it will flourish.

Hopefully we will too.

Do you have a secret place where you can go to have your spirit renewed?



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