Post Its from Heaven

Every so often when the kids were little, I’d tuck a little note of encouragement into their lunch pails, ditto for my husband..   (minus the lunch pail of course.)

I believe God reaches out to us in a similar way with little messages that let us know He’s near and that He cares.

Here’s my latest example:

My daughter sent a bouquet of flowers to the house last Friday.  We were having a triple-birthday party the next day and she wanted all the birthday girls to be able to enjoy the arrangement. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home when the florist came to deliver. Not only did I not have my cell turned on for his call telling me he was on his way, I did not see his voicemail about re-scheduling until that evening, long after the floral shop had closed.  My daughter got an e-mail letting her know there was an unsuccessful attempt to deliver the bouquet.

I made a mental note to call the guy first thing Saturday morning..

and then promptly forgot about it..🙄

until about 9:45am when I was out on my bike.


I was just pedaling along with my dog in the basket, enjoying the scenery when it hit me like a bolt of lightning..




I stopped the bike and reached into the basket (UNDER MY DOG’S REAR-END 🤣) to pull out my cell phone.  It was on mute (I know! I know!!! 😩) but the minute I picked it up I could see on the screen that the florist was calling that very moment.

I immediately answered and he told me he was on his way. I bee-lined it for the house and was there in time to receive my daughter’s gift.




Natural disasters..

Does the same God who deals with life’s MAJOR issues care about the small stuff like reminding me about a flower delivery and nudging me to pick up a non-ringing phone?

All I can tell you is that as a parent I care about everything when it comes to my kids.  God describes himself as our heavenly father so He feels the same multi-level care and concern for us, his children.

And sometimes..

sometimes.. that includes sending a post-it-note fluttering down from heaven just to affirm that He loves me and is watching out for me..

in all things..

big and little. 🌸

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 6.07.14 AM






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  1. Love the doggie in the basket. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy says:

      Daisy just LOVES riding…💜


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