Good Sport

My husband is being a real team player.  Ever since watching the movie GAME CHANGERS, we have been tweaking our diet.

Granted, it hasn’t been a week yet..


and we still have lots of room for improvement.

But he’s not fussing

or whining,

or running to Walgreens at 10pm to secure beef jerky

and that’s HUGE.

Last night’s satisfying Sunday mish-mash featured roasted garbanzo beans.  I adore these little gems. I simply crack open a can, (yes I know, I should have made them from a bag but hey…) rinse them and place them into a brownie pan with a splash of olive oil, some chopped jalapeno peppers, garlic and fajita spice- toss to coat and roast on 375 until they look like little golden nuggets.  (Not to be confused with chicken nuggets!)

I like how these beans hold their firm texture, especially when there’s no meat in a dish. Sprinkle the hot beans on top of spanish rice and lettuce and dress the top of the mountain with avocado slices, campari tomatoes, red onion and some chopped feta. Simply YUMMY- emphasis on both the yummy and the simple.

🔑- When you leave out the meat, crank up the spices/flavors.

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