Winning Team

Surprisingly, our friends stayed for the entire game last I’m pretty well beat. (Not that I cared all that much, but I did pick the winning team..👍) My half-time was actually more exciting than the game: I drove my mom home, stumbled across two golden retrievers running down a street, shoved them into the back seat, dropped my mom off and (after a bit of detective work) got the dogs back to their home.

Needless to say, that whole situation took longer than expected.  Luckily for me, my husband was holding down the fort back at home.

He and I make a good team.

Reminds me of yesterday’s sermon at church, delivered by a pastor who used to be a football coach. He talked about the importance of your team: the people you surround yourself with.. which I thought about a lot, esp this morning as I read the most recent installment of the Jeff Bezos nude photo saga that started with his extra marital affair.

Seems Mr. B’s girlfriend’s brother got into her cell phone and sold nude selfies (of the Amazon founder) to a tabloid exposing their relationship..and there’s more.. yes, it gets unbelievably complicated and sordid involving a laundry list of unsavory characters- surprise, surprise.

The only smart person in the entire mess is Bezos’ wife who immediately called foul and marched off the playing field..( with many, many millions of dollars I might add. )

Pro Tip- In football as in life, pick your team carefully.




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