The HARD thing and the RIGHT thing are often the SAME thing.

All day long we make choices..big ones, small ones, pivotal ones, insignificant ones..

Should I eat this?

Should I do this?

Should I say this?

As I was loading mom’s BJ’s purchases into my car yesterday I realized I had missed “zapping” her bottle of vitamins at the self check-out. I guess they were hidden underneath the mega pack of paper towels.

“Crap!” I thought to myself, “mom’s already in the car, she’s gonna be so aggravated..she already mistrusts self check-out and this will really seal the deal..”

Not gonna lie, I stared at that (expensive) bottle, and for a second (or three) considered my options. It wasn’t about the money- it was about the annoying, inconvenient consequences of my dumb mistake.. ugh! I started thinking of reasons why it wouldn’t be such a big deal if…

“Mom..” I said, “I need to see the receipt.”

“Is something wrong?” she asked as she dug into her purse. “Yes,” I muttered “I’m pretty sure I forgot to pay for the vitamins; I need to run back in.”

And I did.

Once again, the right thing was the hard(er) thing..the inconvenient thing.

Kinda like getting dressed early this chilly morning and taking my dog out for her walk.

I’d like to say it’s the “goodness” in me that propels me to do what is right..but honestly, sometimes it’s just not wanting to feel regret..

or guilt.

Does the source of our motivation to “do the right thing” always matter..?

I dunno.




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  1. LA says:

    Oooh you’re making me think…I would have gone back to self check and paid. Just cause it would have nagged me, even though my mom would give me self check out grief…

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    1. Cindy says:

      Surprisingly, my mom didn’t give me a lecture about self -check out…but she could be saving it for our next trip..🤔

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  2. The right thing is usually more difficult, but benefits us in the long term. Thanks, Cindi. 🤗

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    1. Cindy says:

      I totally agree.

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  3. oneta hayes says:

    Go for right thing every time of it is your misttake. I think it is better sometimes to consider the situation. For instance if a checker makes a minor mistake in giving back too much change, I think it is better not to point out the error in front of a line of observers. Maybe drop it in the next donation box you see.

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