We are Americans-and this is what we do.

Years ago when a local boy was brought home after being killed in Iraq, the residents in our little town lined the streets holding flags, standing at solemn attention as his grieving family escorted him to his final resting place.

You see we are Americans, and this is what we do.

When someone’s family member gets a dread disease around here, complete strangers step in to donate blood, food and money.

After all,  we are Americans, and this is what we do.

It wasn’t that long ago that our local small airport was swarming with volunteers packing relief supplies onto people’s planes headed for the Bahamas. It was quite a sight seeing planes lined up drive-thru style, everything from sleek private jets to farmers’ crop dusters.. one after the next..loading up and taking off into azure skies on their way to help complete strangers in dire need.

We Americans, and this is what we do!

We rescue homeless dogs,

we rock sick babies,

we build homes for the poor.

We rise, we organize, we donate, we pray, we work, we cooperate and we fight to save others in countries with names we cannot even pronounce.

And this is why this moment so difficult.

Staying home and doing NOTHING in the face of a national threat is simply not in our DNA; it’s downright un-American.

But this I know..

If the call goes out for us to bring our hoarded cans of Lysol or bottles of Clorox or boxes of masks and toilet paper to collection sites for hospitals- we will do it.

If exhausted physicians need to sleep in local hotels, they will open their doors and welcome them.  If they need food, local restaurants will deliver with the help of volunteers.

The front line in this war is your hometown.

Listen for calls to action and respond..

even if (for now at least) the call is for us to stay home.

We will work together and protect each other no matter what it takes.

Because at the end of the day, we are Americans..

and this is what we do.







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