Wildest Imagination..

All four of our kids have always had seemingly limitless imaginations. Watching them play, build, draw, write and create has been one of my life’s greatest pleasures.

Whether it was a farm growing weeds and plastic tomatoes or a hospital for barbie and friends, their minds were constantly churning out ideas, envisioning life scenarios and finding solutions. Friends were given titles and jobs and I have no doubt there were repercussions for slackers. 😂 You wouldn’t want to have played with any of my kids unless you were willing to act, work, think.. or perform “surgery” on our cat.


Our eldest is the one whose imagination lit the flame passed down to all her siblings. Hers were the original dress-up, construction paper and crayon boxes, the raw materials needed for every drama for which she was the (often bossy 😉) executive producer.

A few days ago she sent her dad a photo of herself wearing the full face mask she had ordered. She sent him a video she’d made showing how to change out the cartridges and add the pre-filters for particulates. She has been reading, planning, organizing and strategizing while also caring for her patients.

She still has it..that creative mind driven to solve difficult problems.

Happy Birthday Honey.. We are so proud of you and we will celebrate (BIG TIME) when all of this has passed..❤️




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