Driveways: The new front porches.

My husband and I take a daily evening bike ride and a long walk every morning. It is in these moments that we are wrapped in the silver lining of this sad and worrisome season. You’d never know it watching TV or scouring the internet, but the spirit of hope, creativity and friendship is alive and thriving.. right outside your front door.

Last night, a family down the street was eating dinner “tail-gate style” served in the back of the open SUV parked in their driveway. Their hello’s were loud and genuine.

Everyone asks “how are you doing?” as you pass by.

Neighbors are having driveway happy hours, socially distanced opportunities to chat and laugh and make sure everyone’s OK.  There was the woman a few week-ends ago sitting on a lawn chair in front of her house with her husband holding up a poster that read “You honk, I drink!”

I rang the bell on my bike..she laughed and took a swig.

Folks have their grills out front, the kids’ toys are out there, people are landscaping like crazy.. creating beauty for everyone to enjoy.

I have NEVER seen this many people hanging out in their driveways, using them as front porches specifically to connect with their neighbors and people just passing by. I’ve NEVER seen this many people out on walks with their kids and their dogs; you’d think we were in Amsterdam there are so many bikers rolling by..but the best part is everyone is making connections while still following distancing guidelines.

Yes, we are in Florida so the weather has helped make all of this possible, but to those living up north..hang in there..

Your spring is coming!









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  1. It sounds like a lovely neighborhood! Yes, spring has been dawdling here, But, it is finally making an appearance and when I go for walks I fin the same thing. People I meet are smiling widely and greeting me as we pass (2 meters apart). It is really nice and warms my heart. Thanks for sharing this post. It was lovely to read.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I am SO, SO glad to hear that! It might turn out to be the “best, worst” spring ever..the worst circumstances, but the best in people.


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