The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels are performing multi-city fly-overs to salute the men and women working at every level to combat the Corona virus.

Yesterday, they flew over Baltimore (where our son and his wife live on the 17th floor of a condo complex) and within minutes they were flying over our daughter who lives outside of Washington DC. (She was “positioned” at the Kennedy Center.)

These are their photos:

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It isn’t every day that two of your kids who live in two different cities experience the same jets flying in formation overhead – within mere minutes of each other – so that was uniquely awesome.

There’s just something special about seeing these high performance aircraft soar over your head that instills a sense of deep confidence and reassurance. I get that feeling every time I run outside to catch a glimpse the space station streak across the Florida sky. I got that same feeling years ago standing on the beach with thousands of others watching the space shuttle take off.

That was a moment I’ll never forget as a thunderous rumble descended from north to south engulfing the thousands upon thousands of spectators gathered for miles all along the shoreline.  It wasn’t the shock wave from the rocket boosters we heard, it was the approaching roar of voices chanting.. “USA!, USA!,USA!”

What a powerful moment!  What a feeling of pride!  What a sense of belonging!

The world is full of brilliant, brave people making extraordinary things happen every day.  Right now there are folks sweating in hazmat suits, aching backs bent over petri dishes, searching for answers that could quite literally save hundreds of thousands of lives. Exhausted physicians and nurses are finishing up twelve hour shifts- also saving lives. These are not only selfless, brave, committed heroes, this is our planet’s braintrust diligently focused on one thing: saving us, saving YOU, saving our way of life from this virus.

These dads and moms, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters deserve our unending gratitude and support.  I can only hope that my personal conduct and contribution as a fellow human being is worthy of their extraordinary efforts and tremendous sacrifice.

Just listen to the enthusiasm in this guy’s voice.. 😆 ..had to share!



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  1. beth says:

    so wonderful of them

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    1. Brandon says:

      Well said (:

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  2. I remember the sam efeeling of national pride as we watched our Canadian Snow Birds fly in formation over Stephenville, NL, Canada. It was truly incredible. Apparently they recently put on a show to honor the people murdered in Nova Scotia.

    The health care workers around the world deserve our undying gratitude, as do the scientists and people working tirelessly in labs to find a vaccine to end this nightmare.

    Wonderful post, Cindy.

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  3. Brandon says:

    Got the chills during a similar experience where I’m from (:

    Glad to see the support.

    Thanks for sharing 😄

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