We are all “reporters” now..

This is an important week where we live.  The beaches are “opening” and so are some local businesses and restaurants.

Here’s what I hope:

I hope that those who do venture out report back to those who aren’t ready to take that step yet. I hope that social media, (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Nextdoor etc) which have been used too often as blunt instruments to bash others, will instead become vehicles for sharing useful information:

Was it crowded or empty at the (park) beach? What time were you there?

How did they manage shoppers at the store you visited? Was there a line? Was it outside? Inside? Both? Do they have designated shopping hours for the elderly?

Did the waiters wear masks? Were the menus disposable? Were the tables outside spaced appropriately? And oh yeah, how was the food? 😉

Was downtown crowded?

Is the mall deserted?

Are masks required?

Did you feel safe?

I think we can all agree that it has been frustrating to be so helpless in the face of this virus. If you live in an area that is opening up and you are venturing out..now is your opportunity to make a real difference by sharing what you find with your neighbors.





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