How to make it work..

My husband is a cheese cravin’, chocolate sneakin’, prime rib lovin’ man with stubbornly high cholesterol. So how on earth do you keep a guy like that on the healthy eatin’-train?

It’s all about feel, flavor and fullness.

FEEL- While you can’t fool anyone into thinking that thick strips of spicy, grilled zucchini are in fact a beef burger, you can cook the zucchini just right so they aren’t the slightest bit limp and then pile on enough toppings so that the “experience” is so close to eating a burger that the brain (and stomach) are satisfied.

If you are serving a sandwich with no creamy mayo, add hummus or a slim layer of mimics the texture of the missing mayonnaise.  No meat? Add thick tomato slices and horizontally cut cucumbers so there is something nice and firm to bite into.

FLAVOR- Use more (and more!) spices.. fresh garlic and all kinds of peppers. The flavor profile of the sandwich above was enhanced by red onions, a sprinkle of garlic powder, banana pepper slices, salt, pepper and chipotle chili powder. (LOVE that stuff)

FULLNESS- Lastly, make sure there’s plenty of food- I served the sandwich with a hefty side of mashed sweet potatoes enhanced with a touch of pure maple syrup.

What good is preparing healthy meals if your husband leaves the table with a polite “thank-you” and heads off to feast on the goodies he’s stashed all over the house? Trust me..we went through that phase:

Oreos buried in the back of the freezer,

cole slaw concealed behind the cabbage,

chocolate obscured by books on the shelf..

And yes, like any scorned chef with an ounce of pride, I would always confront him with the incriminating photos!! 😂 So one said this transition is easy, but it can be done if you remember the three keys to success: flavor, feel and fullness!



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  1. beth says:

    so funny, the hiding, and true. here’s to finding a wonderful solution and not giving up. brilliant

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    1. Cindy says:

      We keep at it and at it and at it.. 👍

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  2. LA says:

    My husband is blessed with a quick metabolism….now….I don’t want to know what he’s going to be like when it’s not so quick…

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    1. Cindy says:

      My husband has fast metabolism too..he’s never been seriously overweight (although he thinks he was..) and he’s very athletic..problem is the cholesterol and the glucose..THIS why we are doing all this..🙄..he is SOO frustrated by it because you can’t exercise your way out of high cholesterol..nope- can’t do it. 😕

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      1. LA says:

        I get it. Good luck

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