Have FUN with your food!!

For the longest time, my husband would take a tortilla out of the bag, flop it over a metal one cup measuring cup, toast it in the toaster oven until browned, flip it upside down, burn at least one finger, and then fill the bowl-ish shape with the usual Mexican fixin’s.

Tasted fine, but the tortilla bowl looked like a deflated volleyball with food spilling over the sides.

Enter these amazing taco shell makers!

For less than $20, you can get an 8 pack of these non-stick tortilla bowl shapers and create photo worthy, healthy dinner possibilities! The tortilla bowls are crispy yet strong enough to contain all kinds of goodies- and it doesn’t have to be Mexican. No oil needed, you just lightly press a tortilla (they make SOO many different kinds!) into a metal bowl and place another metal bowl on top of it so the tortilla is somewhat pressed between the two and keeps its shape while baking.

400 degrees- 5 minutes. Doesn’t get easier than that! This nesting stack takes up NO space in your kitchen cupboard.

These beauties come in different sizes..I opted for the smaller ones as I prefer the look of a full, smaller bowl than a larger one that is half empty. My husband usually will eat two of these.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I feel like these were all the rage years ago…I mean for sure I’ve seen ’em before..but I didn’t think about it until my husband started making these warped little tortilla food holders..quick search on Amazon and VOILA! There they were.

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