MILK- Does it really “do a body good?”

Three quick recommendations this morning:

One is a documentary on Netflix (I know, I know..another documentary….SORRY!)

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 8.37.57 AM

 “What The Health” is an exposé that uncovers the deep ties between big food producing companies and groups like Susan G Komen, The American diabetes, lung and heart associations..and so on. It’s really a huge bummer to realize that these financial entanglements affect the nutritional advice many of these groups give out to those suffering from diseases possibly caused, or exacerbated by, those same foods they promote. Like the narrator says “It would be like the lung association having Marlboro as a financial backer and promoting smoking.”

The whole sordid thing is just eww..but again, important to understand the connections. I had to get past the (sometimes annoying, less than polished) hippie vibe of the main ‘dude’ in this film..but it’s still a powerful, thought provoking presentation he put together.  (If I were his mamma, I’d tell him he should wash his hair in a bowl somewhere..maybe get a nice trim..but yeah, he still did good here. 👍)

An area the film also touches on is our obsession with milk and the idea (drilled into our heads since birth) that milk is good for us. More and more research is showing that the opposite is in fact true, especially for women. My husband and I have pretty much cut out all milk products (with an occasional “reward” built in of ice cream..) but this brings me to my second and third recommendations:


CALIFIA almond milk creamer is legit. Yes, I had to get over the slight hint of coconut (not a huge fan) but I love this stuff and don’t miss half and half in my coffee one bit..a HUGE victory for me.

Another stand in for milk is Elmhurst milked walnuts. I use this exclusively when I make pancakes. Not going to pretend I don’t miss that buttermilk tang, but this stuff bestows a kiss of walnut flavor which is actually quite yummy. Tried to put this in my coffee one morning..but it was a curdly puddle of no on the walnut creamer good as that sounds.

So yeah..that’s it for this morning! Hope you all have a great day! And yes, for those detectives out there..most of the lights did go out in our’s some electrical part that only took about three months to get..probably from you know where. But hey, it’s getting installed today- yay!

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  1. I know cow’s milk is fairly acidic for the body so we keep that in mind when we consume cow dairy. We don’t drink milk with meals for instance. I’m not a fan of alternative milks so for us moderation is best.

    Hard to do with cheese! I love cheese. 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      You ain’t kidding!!…Milk was an easy decision but cheese..glorious cheese?? Just thinking about that clumpy, lumpy bleu cheese dressing on a cold wedge of iceberg lettuce makes my mouth water..warm brie with a teaspoon of apricot jam.. Pizza with two inches (ok..1/2 inch) of mozzarella ontop…?? AHHHHHH!!!! Yeah- cheese is tough.

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      1. Omg now I need cheese. 😂

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      2. Cindy says:

        HAHAHA!!!! ME TOOOO! 😩

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