Hearty-vegetarian-pasta sauce with “sausage” and peppers- quick, easy and YUM!

A few weeks ago (at least I think it was weeks) I used Beyond Meat “hamburger meat” in a recipe. I thought the flavor was fine, but I kept getting tiny balls of something in my mouth that reminded me of gristle.

Yeah, that was a bit yikes.

So..you can imagine that I wasn’t holding out too much hope when I split open the defrosted Beyond Meat brand Italian sausage last night..but guess what? What ensued was a FANTASTIC, seat of my pants, sausage and peppers sauce over spaghetti. (Photo above is not what it looked like-just wanted you to see the sausage.)

First I just put the 4 sausages and about three large, chopped, garlic cloves in the pan to brown, which they did very nicely..remember, this ain’t meat.  I then sliced the sausage into chunks and in this step removed most of the “casings” that were falling off anyway. (I have NO idea what they are made out of..but they looked enough like saran wrap to me- 😬-so I dumped ’em)

I was careful not to overcook (see directions) and removed them to a plate after a quick stir-fry. I then added sliced onions and peppers, sautéed until semi-limp, deglazed with a very generous splash (torrent) of red wine, added a few (almost ready for the trashcan soft) tomatoes (coarsely chopped), more garlic powder and Italian spices. Let it all simmer, stirring and smashing..found some tomato paste in the fridge (3 Tbsp?) which I added for more intense flavor and then added vegetable broth for more sauce. Simmered on low with the lid on until dark and thick.

IMPORTANT!!!!– I did NOT add the sausage back into the sauce until it was time to serve.  I’m just not sure this fake meat can happily sit in a sauce bubble bath and not fall apart.

Ladled that rich, thickened goodness on top of a pile of pasta and we had ourselves a wonderful dinner! Even my husband liked it.. a lot! (sorry LA) 😉 

So Beyond Meat sausage..FANTASTICO! I will definitely be making them again.

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