I recently bought my daughter an “alarm clock” that wakes you up with a simulated sunrise. Thousands of people have left reviews on Amazon which means tens of thousands have purchased them..maybe even more.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 6.08.15 AM

I wish I had thought of that cool idea.. but there is still an alarm clock I could invent for those who have trouble waking up. It would offer several options that you could custom-select for your specific wake-up needs.

First off, we’d have the standard baby’s cry. That’s a sure-fire winner and usually gets a woman to sit up straight like a gun went off.  Unfortunately, that option won’t work for men.

The second alarm sound will be a dog vomiting. This will wake your man up for sure and he will then wake you up yelling “HEY! I think your dog is barfing!” 

Third option is the “eeeeee” of a mosquito. I have to do a bit more research on that first as I’m not sure how this would work if the sound wasn’t right in your ear. Truth is, I’m not sure if nighttime mosquitoes really do head straight for your ear, or if it’s just so quiet in the house it only seems like they are in your ear. Either way, that “eeeeee” is an effective way to instantly wake someone up.

Next exciting feature, along the lines of the sunrise, is a 3-D image projection of one of your kids standing silently next to your bed.  Did you have one of those kids? I sure did.. I’d intuitively wake up and see her dark silhouette about 12 inches from my face. “What’s the matter?” I’d mumble, to which she’d answer with a question like “Are there any left-over meatballs?” or “Where are the Q-tips?” or “Can you sign this field trip permission slip?” This nifty feature could be fully customizable to reflect whatever dumb stuff your offspring wake  you up for.

So yeah..that’s my latest invention and I’m pretty excited to tell my husband about it so he can get busy making it. Which brings me to the last alarm option..this one specifically designed with my man in mind.. It’s a simple pre-recorded message in my voice saying..”Hey honey, I have a great idea!”

That’ll get him up and running. 😉 


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    Perfect post

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