I recently helped my daughter organize her closet. What has allowed me to maximize storage space has always been my “ability” 😉 to look at these areas three dimensionally. Designing a great closet system is not just about maximizing square feet, it’s about maximizing volume.

Over the years I have put shelving on the inside above the closet doors, used step ladders, hooks, boxes, bins and bungie cords, brought in a card table, heck I’ve even used a pole supported by two shelves to create an additional row of hanging space towards the middle empty space where you usually stand. I never want to miss out on a single cubic foot that could be utilized.

Which brings me (of course) to an analogy..

Sometimes we find ourselves standing in the closet doorway of our lives overwhelmed by the disorder. It could be the shelves all fell down like dominoes through no fault of our own. But oftentimes (if we’re honest) we’ve either been too lax about maintaining that which requires upkeep, we’ve held on to old habits and preferences that no longer fit, we’ve been spoiled and overindulgent or we haven’t properly valued and cared for, what we have.

As we clear out and re-organize, it’s essential to take accurate measurements of where we are at this moment. It’s critically important to look three dimensionally so we can take full advantage of all that we have available to support our goals in re-creation. Too often (esp during weird times like now) we underestimate all that we have going for us and consequentially underutilize our personal resources.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a well managed life that exploits every cubed inch we have been blessed with and filling every nook and cranny with positivity and value.

Your “closet” is much more accommodating–much more amazing– than you think!

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  1. This is a wonderful analogy! Thanks for this.


    1. Cindy says:

      😃Thanks Carol.. who knew it could be so inspiring & motivating to organize a closet? No wonder they have that organizing show!

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      1. LOL almost anything can be inspiring when you have imagination, which, of course, you do. ❤

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