I already know who wins..

My husband recorded an important game that he missed on TV because we were out of town. I had heard who won, but kept that information to myself as he had requested.

Once we were settled back at home, he sat down to watch the event. For several hours he willingly went on the rollercoaster ride. He celebrated when his team scored, yelled at refs for “bad” calls and sat on the edge of his seat, biting his nails, when things got way too close for comfort. I (of course) already knew that his team would win so I was able to watch the entire thing unfold without anxiety, anger, concern or frustration.

Our pastor reminded us all in a recent sermon that to live life in this emotionally protected manner..we simply need to know ahead of time who wins!

John 16:33 is just one of many passages in the bible that makes it clear.. Knowing who wins changes how you experience the game of life. You never need to be plagued by emotional upheaval and uncertainty if you lean into the reassurance that God’s got this..

He wins, and if you’re on His team, you win too.

Now don’t misunderstand..this doesn’t mean things will always go your way..it just means that we can rest in the certainty that no matter how it goes, you will be OK in the end and God will be with you. Imagine the radical, liberating impact this knowledge can have on your life as you suit up and take the field to confidently face a new challenge.

You already know who wins.

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  1. Beautiful and timely….with my hubby it’s hockey games and if his team is losing he is not a happy camper (and neither am I as I listen to him rant, rave, and cuss0.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I have given that sermon SOOO much thought..I mean imagine if we approached everything..every problem, every challenge KNOWING we’d come out fine..really believing that God has us in his arms and is working all things out for our good. No need for anxiety, stress..nothing..cause we KNOW how it will go..we know who wins!

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      1. It’s a wonderful way to live.

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