Light in the darkness.

I took my dog for a stroll around the neighborhood last night.


The lights were magical.


I mean let’s be honest here, it would have been totally understandable if people had chosen to skip decorating this year, wouldn’t it?


And yet it seems the opposite has happened..


there are more lights this season than I have ever seen in previous years.


While the decorations in our home are for our own enjoyment,


the lights outside are a gift to friends and neighbors and people we don’t even know.


All those trips to the attic, all that  untangling and stringing,


ladder climbing, wrapping, twisting and hanging..


all those extension cords..


all that effort to bring peace, love, happiness and encouragement to bring light into this darkness.


You can’t help but be moved.

If you are feeling low during these challenging times, I’d encourage you to put on your sneakers tonight and take a walk..or get into your car and drive. There are folks out there who want to share the spirit of Christmas with you.


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  1. Ann Coleman says:

    It is so true! Our neighborhood has more lights than ever before, and it is so uplifting to see them and know that so many people are doing their share to light up this darkness. And since whole point of Christmas is exactly that, it is all the more meaningful. Shine on…….

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    1. Cindy says:

      SOOO encouraging..esp this year, you are right.

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