For the love of our cities..

This could be the most important time you invest watching anything this year.

The first video “Seattle is Dying” ( 60 mins-below) was released by local TV station (KOMO) in the Spring of 2019; it has been viewed an astonishing ten million times. This episode makes clear that Seattle was in the grips of disaster, despair and self destruction long before this year’s “Summer of Love.”

The second installment “Fight for the Soul of Seattle” (90 mins) covers the most recent assaults on the city (including Covid) and is just absolutely beyond devastating.

I wish I could tell you which presentation is most important, but I can’t. It is critical to understand why Seattle was so profoundly vulnerable to the sustained siege of this year so I recommend watching the first installment so the second is understood in greater context.

We used to live across the Puget Sound from Seattle (our daughter was born there) so it just rips my heart out to see the demise of the Emerald City. This excellent, 2 part series is must viewing for anyone who loves their hometown. It is a call for every American to demand responsible and effective governance lest we become subject to the very real (and possibly permanent) consequences of ill-conceived, social experimentation and the stress testing of structural framework that keeps functioning societies from crumbling into complete chaos.

Shockingly, it could be too late for the once great city of Seattle, but this doesn’t have to happen where you live.

To see part two click below.

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  1. Ann Coleman says:

    I haven’t heard of either of these documentaries, but will have to watch them. I am bewildered at what has been going on there!

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    1. Cindy says:

      We lived in both Washington State and California years back so I still try to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on there. Seattle was an absolute jewel of a city back in the day, so this spiral they are in came as a shock to me this year. I mean I knew San Fransisco had issues, but I never realized that Seattle was in even worse shape. My take away from this series is we absolutely MUST stay informed. These city councils have the power to destroy.. There were riots a few years back in Charlotte when we lived there and one of the “ring leaders” went on to become a city council member. This stuff matters and these two documentaries show what can happen if too many radicals get in. SCARY stuff but an important warning.


  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I agree! I’m all for people of all kinds being engaged in government, but you have to be engaged in a way that builds up, not destroys. Destroying is easy; compromise, unity and doing the work that real communities require is hard. Unfortunately, people rarely learn from their mistakes, and the result is the mess we see in cities like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. And I’m afraid more cities are going to be in trouble soon too. The murder rate in St. Louis has sky rocketed, but not much seems to be done about it at all.

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    1. Cindy says:

      One of our kids lives in St Louis..of course she moved there from downtown Philly which had it’s own MAJOR issues..😩


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