What does PEACE mean to you?

So here’s a question to consider as we claw our way out of the smelly, nasty pit that was 2020..

If you were to climb onto Santa’s lap and..

(never mind)

If you were to launch a note folded up as a paper airplane over Santa’s protective plexiglass barrier asking for peace…

and Santa said “You want peace? What exactly do you mean?”

How would you answer?

How would you define peace?

Would peace be the absence of fighting?

Would peace be freedom from fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty and illness?

Does peace come from justice?

Does peace come when your guy wins,

you hit the lottery

your test comes back negative..

or positive?

Does peace come when he puts a ring on it..

or when the divorce papers are finally signed?

Does peace come in 31 flavors?

Because you may be fine with nuts in yours but I may I prefer mine without?

Does peace,

true peace,

ever-lasting peace,

a one-size-fits-all peace that passes understanding and personal desires


Isaiah uses the word Shalom to describe the coming savior. Shalom  is a Hebrew word meaning peace but not necessarily as you or I would describe it to Santa. Biblical peace encompasses completeness and wholeness.

It is not a reflection of what’s going on in the world, your life or your head..

Shalom is a reflection of what’s going on in your heart.

You see peace is not a unifying force if it’s left to each one of us individually to interpret and quantify. What brings you peace may be very different than what brings me peace.

That’s what makes shalom so radically different, it is a relationship with God that fills the empty spot EVERY ONE OF US can spend a lifetime trying to fill with the absence or presence other things. It is completeness and wholeness that transcends the limitations of an imperfect life lived in an imperfect body on an imperfect planet.

So can you really be whole and complete in the midst of loss, strife, illness, poverty and chaos?

Can you be whole and complete in this messed up world?

Let’s just put it this way, peace cannot be bought, delivered, won, earned and it is not a reward. Peace is found when we fill the empty space in our heart with Shalom.

He is the only way to completeness.

Shalom is available 24/7, 365, any time, anywhere..

and Christmas is a reminder that this life-changing gift is waiting to be opened.

And yes, it’s got your name on it.

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  1. LA says:

    Peace is an illusion. If we really wanted it we would all think about our actions better

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    1. Cindy says:

      I would agree that “peace on earth” is unattainable..and yet look how we try everything..peace accords, scented candles, massages, meditation, mediation..nothing works or lasts..We just cannot change the world and we can’t change others (heck we can’t even talk to each other any more.) I guess that’s what drew me to Christ as an adult, a recognition that nothing else, brought me true peace. I was working hard (real hard) looking in all the wrong places. That picture of the puzzle with one missing piece was me..it was my life..pretty awesome in many areas but not complete..never complete..until I realized what, who, I was missing.

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      1. LA says:

        I get it. It’s taken me awhile to calm the noise in my head (I know…can you imagine me before?) and get to a point where I can sleep at night

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