Spreadin’ the news..

Nothing seems to travel faster than the news that Santa “isn’t real.” It’s as if spreading that radioactive nugget of ruinous information becomes job #1 for the child whose holiday fantasies are suddenly dismantled.

Misery loves company as they say..

2020 has sure been an object lesson in that fact, hasn’t it? Facebook became the adult version of the school bus where tribalism reigned supreme; a gauntlet that had to be cautiously navigated if we wanted continuous access to photos of our friends’ growing labradoodles. Our phones morphed into jungle gyms of fact and fiction, ground zero for the dissemination of all manner of “news” …because what good are death totals if we can’t share them?

In a year where misinformation reigned supreme, we deputized ourselves as sole proprietors of truth and shared our version of it with the same dark urgency of the kid who discovers that it’s dad who eats the carrots.

Never before have so many sought to lord over so many others.. to “educate,” chastise and set them straight. This is the year we all became honorary doctors, historians, statisticians, politicians and moral code enforcers.

It’s been exhausting, hasn’t it?

And into all of this comes the celebration of the greatest disrupter of all time-


God with us..

here to offer us the radical gifts of peace, freedom and salvation.

And yes, His threatening presence was considered so dangerous, so divisive, so destabilizing that the crowds demanded he be put to death, which He ultimately was.

“How could that ever have happened?” you may ask “How could that many whip themselves into that kind of frenzy?”.. I’ll just invite you to look back over the past year my friends..

This is exactly how that happens.

But take heart, all is not lost..it’s not too late. God is infinitely greater than the chaos we’ve created.

In an upside down world where a simple statement like “all lives are precious” is heard as a call to arms, God breathes clarity and stability into our spinning internal compass.

I’ve heard a lot of people wistfully say “let’s hope next year is better than this one” as if it’s totally out of their hands. Well let me tell you, the choice to continue participating in the torment is yours- there will still be plenty of mayhem available for all who are interested in 2021 and beyond.

But if your heart and your mind need a “safe space” after the non-stop assault that was this past year, I know just where you need to look to find the peace you crave…

It’s not in Santa’s lap, it’s in Jesus’ arms.

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  1. The way i see it Christmas has not been about Jesus for a long time. 20% of it is Jesus the rest is just general worldly traditions

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    1. Cindy says:

      We raised four kids, so I’ll freely admit, there were plenty of 20% Christmases in our house..but if I visualize Jesus walking in the door on Christmas day..into the chaos of noise and gifts and food..I think he’d have had a smile on his face..I think he’d have played with the kids and when things settled down, he would have sat at the table with me over coffee and talked about life and love and all the important things. I think accepting Jesus into your heart is like being pregnant..you either are or you aren’t..He’s either part of you or He’s not… and yet depending on where you are in life and how far along you are in your spiritual journey, it may not always show as much..but it will..eventually, it will.. at Christmas and every other day as well. Speaking of which, Merry Christmas btw.. I know you all are having a tough time of it with restrictions etc.. we will get through this..hang in there.

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