This little light of mine..

This past New Year’s Eve, a Maryland lawmaker’s 25 year old son committed suicide. His devastated parents put out a press release that included the last sentence from the note that this young man left behind:

“Please look after each other, the animals and the global poor for me. All my love, Tommy.’”

I’m no psychiatrist, but it is clear to me that there are those right now who are struggling with the totality of events occurring not just in the United States, but around the world. Media of every kind are bombarding us with images and information designed to provoke an emotional response.

And then there’s us.. super spreaders in our own right as we text and forward, call and post. To quote Billy Joel, “we didn’t start the fire..” but we sure keep adding our own logs. It seems it’s not enough to be informed these days, we need to be activated. If your hair’s not on fire, something is wrong with you.

But not everyone can emotionally handle this constant level of agitation.

Do we feel even a tinge of responsibility for the people who are drinking too much, using drugs or jumping off bridges? What about those who seem driven to deputize themselves as super-heroes, slipping beyond the borders of normal society with the hopes of becoming (in)famous characters in a chapter of our nation’s history?

When the “credits” roll, will our names be listed as contributors to this chaos? Did we help create the poisonous atmosphere of detachment, desperation and despondency?

These are unprecedented times.

There has never been a greater need for each of us to be a light in the darkness.

I consider it my sacred duty at this point to reflect hope for those who are struggling with the effects of this daily diet of anxiety and fear. I can’t change the headlines, but I can offer you the respite and reassurance that is the cornerstone of my faith.

We need more lights to be released into this darkest of nights.

Hurting, fragile people don’t need to hear another opinion,

what they need is love, hope and encouragement.

Can you be the light for them?

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  1. LA says:

    Oh it’s like you’re reading my mind! Well said and much needed voice of reason!

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    1. Cindy says:

      It’s been a few months since I woke up to this, all too familiar, need to check and see what “broke” or burned last night. I am NOT going to go on that roller coaster again..I need to be a point of light in this..

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      1. LA says:

        I get it completely

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  2. It’s so easy to jump on the band wagon; to waggle a judgmental finger, so easy, and also so useless. Except as you rightly point out, to do so is to add our own logs to the inferno.

    This si so beautifully said. Bravo my friend!

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    1. Cindy says:

      My heart just broke when I read that last sentence from the 25 year old’s suicide’s as if he was crushed under the weight of the world’s problems. We just must bring light and hope back into the lives of this next generation..they are buckling under anxiety and hopelessness.

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      1. I have been avoiding reading any news stories – it’s all just too much; too heavy; too dark and I have years of experience! For a young person it is very heavy, too heavy to bear. I agree, we do need to cast light into the darkness, that doesn’t mean we’re living in denial, far from it. Hope is an absolute human need, and right now, here in this city where I live, there have been more deaths from opiod use than from Covid. It’s well documented that people use street drugs as a way to self medicate, to protect themselves from the pain. I think it speaks volumes that so many young people are overwhelmed by world events, to the extent they want out – permanently! It is a sad testament to the world we are living in and we need hope more than ever. Oh my gosh, Cindy, I really could go on and on….it is heartbreaking.

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      2. Cindy says:

        I know..😩 Two of my kids spend a lot (too much) time watching the news and they are always highly’s unhealthy. I suggested they read instead, but to the younger set, reading is hyper scrolling through article after article, twitter and FB and all the rest. (They do that too.) I wouldn’t care if I thought it wasn’t taking a toll on them, but it is. These “kids” are being driven to extremes, doing things they never would have thought they’d do…violence, drugs, looting, destruction, suicide.. it is a crisis, an absolute, heartbreaking crisis..I feel we are losing them in this maelstrom. 😩 All I can do is model peacefulness and offer them the hope I myself found in Christ.

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