“So let’s dance.. the last dance..”

This is like a weird countdown happening. As the days move on, we keep getting closer to the one year anniversary of Covid officially shutting down our lives.. I can’t put my finger on the exact day when it happened, but I know we are getting close.

Last year for Valentines, my mom invited my husband and me to dinner at her country club. We sat at a small table next to a very large table full of exceptionally loud people, clearly a group of friends from a state up north that will go unmentioned. As the night wore on, the alcohol kicked in and their behavior became completely impossible to ignore.. it was a fiesta of obnoxiousness and retirement aged PDA; I was having an absolute ball watching it all unfold.

Once desert was served and the band started to play, the folks from this table wobbled over to get their boogey on. Within minutes, one of the couples broke into a dance floor clearing exhibition that can only be described as a porn-tinged attempt at a tango. There was aggressive dipping, twirling, leg lifting, groping and hilariously sloppy french kissing. I was sure one, or both, were only seconds away from vomiting.. it was one heck of a sight to behold!

Needless to say there were plenty of disgusted stares and tsk-tsks coming from the older residents..most of them female. My poor mom, who is almost blind, was missing out on pretty much everything so I was busy providing the play by play: “This tango couple is about to do one of two things mom” I yelled into her good ear, “either pass out in tandem or rush outta here to get a room!”

I remember my mousse had a delicate heart made out of chocolate perched on top and a humongous strawberry next to it. I also remember that my husband and I didn’t dance that night..

I’m not sure why.

Had we known what was coming, we would have been out on that floor kicking up our heels and maybe kissing too..

But that’s the thing about the last dance isn’t it..

we just don’t know it is.

Happy Valentine’s Day..Go the extra mile for someone you love.

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  1. LA says:

    We should savor every moment. You don’t know which one is the last…

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    1. Cindy says:

      No..you really don’t..I mean who saw this past year coming?

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  2. bleuwater says:

    A year ago we traveled to Colorado for one of our children’s friend’s wedding. We rented an airbnb in a small town and walked through the snow for breakfast at a cafe. It was my husband, me, my daughter, son and significant other. My best friend (the mother of the bride) wanted the wedding in the spring, in good weather, and in Palm Springs where they lived. Thank goodness the bride insisted on a February wedding! There were over a hundred people from all over the world attending — UK, NY, Singapore and CA.

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    1. Cindy says:

      WOW–I bet you think back to that a lot..I’m assuming that was your last big shindig.. I think Valentine’s Day was ours..

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      1. bleuwater says:

        Yes, that’s the last time we flew on a plane and celebrated with family and friends. We learned later that the father of the groom had COVID at the time! He was a doctor from Texas and thinks he got it at the hospital. He had a bad case but recovered. I never heard that anyone at the wedding got it from him. He shook everyone’s hands, too!

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  3. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s a very good take on our current situation. Happy Valentine’s Day! And yes, enjoy each day to the fullest, because we never know what’s coming.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Happy Valentines Day to you too!

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