Sight vs. Vision

Our pastor recently challenged us to create our personal vision for 2021 and beyond. He discussed the difference between sight (seeing what’s right in front of us) and vision (that which we cannot see or touch, but can imagine.)

I don’t know about you, but so much of 2020 was spent dealing with, and reacting to, issues and problems that were right in front of my face. Aside from my “fun and travel” bucket-list, I didn’t spend too much time considering any greater, more meaningful vision for my life.

What a missed opportunity.

All around me I see the fruits of other people’s visions..

Every day on our walk we pass a small community that is coming to life on a small chunk of land near our home. At some point, someone stood there in the sand and had a vision..

Years ago my mom and I talked to a man who was managing the construction of a marina in town. He proudly gave us a tour showing us the store and laundry facilities and described the plans for a future restaurant and bar.

He had a vision..

Today it is one of our town’s most popular destinations to meet friends, have a cocktail and watch the sun set.

I can’t imagine checking into a hotel and saying “no-thanks” to an upgraded suite with a balcony…can you? And yet that’s pretty much what we choose when we say “no” to developing a vision for our lives.

Can we get by without a vision?

Sure we can..

there’s always plenty to keep us busy in a windowless room.. right?

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  1. LA says:

    Oh this is a good post! Thank you!

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