Our Cabernet Wine Tasting


As I was buying a bottle of Malbec yesterday for this week-end’s wine tasting, I realized I hadn’t written yet about last month’s Valentine’s Day Cabernet blind tasting! (Our monthly journey into wine education and sampling has become a”thing” we really look forward to.)

It was a hilarious evening as my husband and I kicked it off painting “nudes” of each other as a Valentine’s Day “activity.” We gave ourselves only 30 minutes to complete the portraits.. (not that having longer would have helped..HA!) From an artistic stand point our “works” were a study in contrasts.. I added so many muscles to my guy that he wound up looking a bit like the Michelin man.

My husband’s painting of me, on the other hand, looked an awful lot like a decaying zombie laying on a wall in front of a row of houses. He also had me holding an i-pad in my skeletal hands which I thought was such an odd and interesting touch. I’ll give him props though for even attempting to paint hands and a face, that’s tough! I totally cheated and painted a “rear view.”

Our masterpieces are hanging on a wall devoted to, what I hope will become, an ever growing private collection.. fittingly, it’s in the master bathroom. 😂

Anyway..the wine!!

So a funny thing happened on our way to choosing the winning Cabernet that night as we realized that we didn’t really like either of the wines we picked out. (Charles Krug and Biltmore) As a matter of fact, we remembered half way through our “judging” that we had opened a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle earlier in the week and that when we compared that ‘old’ Cabernet to our two new picks, we both preferred the Ste Michelle. My husband’s choice, the Krug was over the $20 limit we set for ourselves, (cheater! 🤨) my Biltmore was way under at $12. The winner, the Chateau Ste Michelle, came in at $16.

So yeah, that was an interesting evening. I don’t think we’ve had three bottles of open wine in our home at the same time..like ever. Can’t wait until we can have friends over for this kind of fun again..

the wine tasting that is..

not the painting. 😉

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  1. LA says:

    No painting party with the neighbors? 🤔

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    1. Cindy says:


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