Freedom to choose.

My friend said something so interesting to me a few weeks ago, “Never did I realize how important it could be which state you live in when a crisis hits.”

Ya think?

Texas has been under fire recently for lifting its mask mandate. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever had one for the entire state of Florida. Our schools have also been open since last August (some districts opened even earlier- after an extended Spring Break.) Pretty much everything went back to “unrestricted open” last September. Disney World, Orlando made the decision to re-open last July.

Disneyland in California is still closed by order of Governor Newsom.

Florida’s Governor De Santis here has been under relentless attack by Democrats, other Governors and the press for not imposing more restrictions and lock downs on residents.. some went so far as to call him “Governor Death Sentence.” And yet, for all the vilification and ridicule, a strange thing started happening last year.. people started moving to the sunshine state – en masse. At first it was primarily New Yorkers, but now people from the West are straggling in as well.

While I have no doubt that the fear of impending massive state tax hikes is a driver, make no mistake, so is personal liberty. Yes, Florida has had its share of Covid spikes, as have other locked-down states. The big difference is our Governor didn’t become a Covid dictator, he allowed local counties to institute the rules and guidelines they felt best served their communities. After-all, what works in Miami-Dade might not be the same as what works in Lakeland.

Some people don’t like the “local is better” model and that’s fine. Big, federally-run, mass vaccination sites in stadiums are a sight that brings some folks comfort. I’m the type of person who’d rather go to our local pharmacy or health dept. for my shot, even if that means waiting a few more weeks.

The good news is, most of us still have the ability to make these choices for ourselves.. but can you feel your rights eroding just a little?

In some states more than others?

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  1. LA says:

    You think?

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    1. Cindy says:

      I sure do.

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  2. kimwilbanks says:

    Great article and I love the shout-out to Lakeland! Whoop-Whoop!

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