“Signature you”

The mailman who delivers to the downtown, historic shopping district in our area tragically drowned recently. The merchants he used to see every day are all in mourning. “Calvin was part of the family” one of the shop owners said, he’d open the door and always have something funny to say like “HONEY, I’M HOME!” Many described him as a friend, willing to take a moment to listen or share a bit of sunny news.

This was his signature “character fragrance”.. happy, friendly.

If twenty people were asked what your signature personality trait is, what would it be? We probably all have an overriding characteristic that folks would remember us by..right? Friendly, approachable, caring, grumpy, rushed, negative?

If our personalities put off a signature, lingering ‘scent’.. how would yours be described?

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  1. beth says:

    Such a tragic loss. Mine would be saying – ‘this is the best day ever!’

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