Red Flags

I recently watched two Netflix movies;

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator


FYRE- The greatest party that never happened.

Bikram (77) is the egomaniacal founder of hot yoga. This guy amassed a fortune estimated at 75 million dollars sitting in a comfy, elevated, overstuffed chair with a personalized AC blowing on his neck barking out orders to up to 500 students (paying $11,000 each) in crowded classes with the heater on full blast..

Oh and yeah, Bikram (who is on the run in Mexico) was accused of raping a few “favorite” students.

Billy McFarland (29) is (was) a young “entrepreneur” who tried (in vain-with no prior experience) to organize a Coachella type event in the Bahamas and wound up in jail for fraud. The movie tracks the development of this $26 million failure from its inception through its glamorous promotion to the moment when legions of ticket holders and “influencers” arrive on an island to find nothing but rain soaked FEMA tents left over from the last hurricane and a line of stinky port-o-potties.

Watching both of these presentations back to back it is hard to miss the one common denominator:

People who ignore their gut instincts.

Whether it’s the guy being mercilessly fat-shamed in yoga class, the student who is called to “massage” her guru’s feet at 2am or the social media influencer who pays thousands of dollars for (non-existent) accommodations with no reviews, no photos and no is shocking to see how many people ignore their own internal alarms because they want something to be true so badly.

The victims in both these films were often so deeply invested in a dream that no amount of concerning reality bites could wake them. Importantly, they were also surrounded by others living in the same, often ego-driven, dream-state.

I recommend watching both of these documentaries.. if for no other reason than to collect all the red flags people ignored and to save them incase you need reminding one day.

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  1. LA says:

    Excellent point! I need to watch more documentaries. I’m usually good about watching them in the theater but at home….bleh

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    1. Cindy says:

      Oh, I’m addicted to them..these are both good. The Fyre one should be must viewing for college students in this instagram obsessed age

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      1. LA says:

        I remember that whole thing! Just crazy!

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  2. In a world devoid of hope (at times) people seem to navigate to the “little” star a.k.a. influencers. I worry about the lack of common sense. I haven’t seen either of these documentaries. I love documentaries. Sadly my hubby does not so I don’t see many. (I tend to let him control the t.v. while I sit at my computer reading online news stories and/or communicating with wonderful people like yourself on social media.)

    Fyre does indeed sound like a must-watch for young people. They are searchers and seekers much like we all were, and sometimes still are. Sometimes life can-be a cruel teacher.

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    1. Cindy says:

      There is so much to learn from that movie..esp pertinent is the fact that pretty much any quasi computer literate person can create a website so legit looking that it could fool almost anyone. So many people got caught up in this thing..including those who worked for this guy in charge. I hope you are able to watch it one day.

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      1. I hope so too, it sounds very interesting.

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