“My Love”

My husband and I are about 2/3rds the way though this sweet little series on Netflix that follows six couples (who have been together over 40 years) through a year of their lives.

Each elderly couple resides in vastly contrasting parts of the world and live very diverse lives. The role of family, friends and community is different for each couple. The presence, or lack, of these relationships has a big impact on daily living and left a very deep impression on me.

That’s what’s actually been most interesting watching this documentary; imagining myself in these various senior-life scenarios and knowing instinctively what version would appeal to me.

These people’s lives, as presented in each episode, are the culmination of decades of personal choices: whether to be engaged in the community, whether to maintain ones fitness, whether to deepen ones faith, whether to keep working, whether to be close to family, whether to live in a city or the country, whether to downsize, to have a car, a pet..

This series has sparked some personal reflection, good conversation and renewed commitments.

I recommend it.

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  1. LA says:

    I will check this out!

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    1. Cindy says:

      It’s interesting..has made me think about how we are “setting up” our future..what’s most important to us..

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