Sunny side up!


I gave my mom a big hug and a kiss on Mother’s Day..the first in over a year.

Driving home from her house my husband and I thought back to those initial dark days in 2020 when we would deliver food to her garage fully decked out in masks and latex gloves, wiping down all the boxes and containers as we piled them onto her card table.. We’d step back into the driveway as she entered the space from the laundry room to retrieve her stuff..always staying at least 10 feet apart..pretty much yelling instead of talking so she could hear us.

Eventually it felt safe enough to bring her take out food as a weekly treat, throwing away anything fresh that couldn’t be microwaved to kill potential lurking virus. Again, every container was wiped down and put on the card table in the garage.. (Nothing like chicken marsala with a hint of lysol spray..) There were a handful of car rides over the the dentist and in the front, mom in the back, my sunshade propped up with bungee cords to create a cootie barrier between us.

Remember those days?

The distance between us gradually shrank, we began visiting inside her home (masks on, min 6 ft apart, still yelling at each other) We’d bring our freshly washed dog for her to pet, uncooked food was considered safe, life was getting better. But no hugs, not until last Sunday..not until I was finally 2 weeks out from my second Moderna shot.

My goodness..we have come such a long way.

I am so grateful for the vaccines that have allowed us to return to a recognizable way of life..not 100% the same as before, but reassuringly recognizable life.

We are back on the sunny side.

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  1. LA says:



  2. bleuwater says:

    It’s crazy looking back on where we were a year ago! I am sitting at the airport savoring the five days I spent with Mom, including a few with my Aunt who drove up from Portland. A year ago this week was a lifetime away.

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    1. Cindy says:

      So true! How was the flight, crowded? Every seat taken or spaced out still? 😬

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      1. bleuwater says:

        The flight up was totally full with standby. The flight down was middle seat open. It was the same airline…

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      2. Cindy says:

        Wow..I’m not sure I’m mentally ready. I hated flying before Covid so… 😬

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  3. Belladonna says:

    So nice and glad to see things are getting back to what we are use to.

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