The world needs more truth tellers.

I like to check the news overseas every day just to see how things are ‘going’ in other parts of the world through a lens that isn’t American.

A disturbing article out of France caught my eye the other day. The report stated that French “web influencers” were recently contacted by a London based firm with requests to post about Covid vaccines. When some of the influencers followed up on the “opportunity,” it quickly became apparent that this “firm” wanted them to make negative statements about the Pfizer vaccine that were patently false. They were asked to disseminate information on their platforms claiming that Pfizer is pushing a dangerous vaccine, that there have been terrible side effects, many deaths and that the recent EU purchase of 1.8 billion doses was part of some nefarious, political move to destabilize the European health system.

A deeper investigation revealed that this shadowy, UK based company is actually owned and run by Russians. The article went on to say that this is just one attempt of many by the Russians and the Chinese to promote their own vaccines to the world by sowing doubt into populations about “the competition.”

Can you even believe that?

I mean seriously, is this out of some B-rated movie? Do we REALLY have this going on in 2021?

The sad truth is that yes, this is our world today and we need to be vigilant about everything we hear and read because (unfortunately) chances are that someone, somewhere, is pushing an agenda. Facts have become today’s “inconvenient truths” and many hours are spent carefully massaging those facts to make them conform to broader, preferred narratives.

The sad part of this is that we can no longer count on a free press to assist us in our efforts to comb the facts from fiction; they have their own loyalties and I’m sorry to say, it isn’t with their readers.

And speaking of us..

It’s time to honestly own up to our own willingness to be used as pawns in these larger disinformation efforts..(see facebook etc)..even when the lies coalesce around views we support.

Truth is not to be feared, it is to be demanded.

Truth is what makes our inner compass work.

The path you forge is still up to you, but at least you can choose it knowing where “true north” is.

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  1. I studied journalism and I find it so disheartening to see what’s happening in the world as social media (and often so-called credible news agencies) are being used to further propaganda. Not many people have the inclination or the time to reach out for a varied point of view on any given subject. Leaving masses of people misinformed at best and at the mercy of shady politicians and big business conglomerates. It’s very scary.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Once, my daughter sent me some cut n pastes from a recent non-fiction book and embedded within the very first page was a twisting of facts so devious that I told her I would have refused to read another page. I tried to tell her she was not being enlightened by this author, she was being tricked into drawing conclusions that were false. I find this to be the worst form of assumption that we’re either too stupid or too shallow to know better or too lazy to care. I can only imagine that you, having taken journalism courses, must cringe at this daily malpractice.

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      1. Yes I do cringe, daily, sometimes hourly. LOL

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    It is beyond scary! Especially when we consider how many of the younger generation refuse to question anything that they find on the internet. Their trust in technology is absolute!

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    1. Cindy says:

      Very scary..😩

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  3. dolphinwrite says:

    To check every propaganda lie, every rhetorical device, and lie would encompass more time than any of us have and probably send us all to early graves. A friend pondered how many people die earlier because they worry and stress about health, while others who don’t have perfect habits live longer. But getting back to the article. I agree. We should think for ourselves, discuss with those we see as honest, research when time avails, and make our own decisions. In past years, I never took the flu vaccine (ever), and never got the flu (I only got the flu when, in my youth, my parents had us get the flu shot.). So, when I told my doctors this, I was amazed they couldn’t hear me, continuing the mantra of needing the vaccine. Well, if people can be programmed in one area (regular flu vaccines), can’t they be programmed in other areas. And we see so many wearing masks, even when driving alone in cars. **The first thing is be true to yourself, honest, and allow yourself to see the problems and propaganda without feeling like you have to go along.

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