These seats aren’t free.

We went to a local baseball game last night. I’m not a huge fan of the game, but it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy an evening out. Our seats were in the second row which gave us a cool perspective, but the spot quickly turned into a sauna as the sun started to set. Within 20 minutes of arriving, we decided to move up a few rows to find relief from the scorching heat.

About ten minutes later, three kids, each carrying a piece of paper, slowly made their way down the steps. “Here they are” the girl dramatically announced, pointing to our seats. The teens promptly folded up their “tickets” and sat in our reserved spots. I chuckled at the subterfuge.. but the stadium was barely half full so it’s not like it was a big deal.

And then they started..

Their raucous behavior was at first limited to the usual stuff: fussing with each other.. talking too loud..kissing, tickling, the usual. Gradually it morphed into harassing the players who were warming up near the wall.. loudly commenting about their rear ends, asking for phone numbers, how much they bench press, how much they earned, really condescending and at times provocative stuff. Then they started picking on the little kids who would come down to ask for autographs at the dug-out window.

I was super annoyed by their increasingly cocky behavior and while everything in me wanted to go right back down there and reclaim our seats, I realized that they’d probably just move up a few rows and then we’d have them behind us.. which would be even worse!

I thought a lot about these brats (sorry, but it’s true) as we drove home. There they were, enjoying great seats they didn’t pay for and acting like they owned the joint.

Do I ever act like that?

Do I ever forget that I am enjoying the completely undeserved blessings that God has provided for me?

I live in the United States. I was able to drive 5 minutes down the road to my local grocery store, park a few yards from the front door, walk in and get a Moderna shot in the clean, air conditioned pharmacy with no line and no wait- twice. Have you seen pictures from around the world as folks scramble to secure their own, life-saving vaccines?

Who am I to deserve this? I just happened to find myself in this “seat!”

I am reminded once again that the least I can do is be cognizant of the joys and priviledges in my life and be deeply grateful.

What better time of the year to consider our blessings and the incredible sacrifices made to secure them for us.

These “seats” aren’t free after all.

Have a great Memorial Day week-end!

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