So if we don’t care about people, do we care about animals?

Last Saturday in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, a 67 year old man with an injured leg was walking his 14 year old dog, Alice. Suddenly, a 29 year old homeless man approached them and demanded the guy’s jacket. When the older man said “no,” the young man began attacking him.

Fearing for his life, the dog walker (a victim of a prior mugging) sprayed this predator with mace and began to hobble away as fast as he could. The assailant caught up to him, knocked him to the ground and kicked his dog so ferociously that she flew into the air, landed on her neck and died minutes later in her owner’s arms.

According to the Seattle Times, the homeless man was apprehended the following day (Sunday) as a result of the victim’s description and his “prior interactions with law enforcement and first responders..” Loosely translated, he was known to police.

He was arrested on suspicion of first degree animal cruelty and attempted second degree robbery. Siting concerns over his potential for escalating violence, the prosecutor requested bail be set at $25,000 to keep this perpetrator in jail and off the street, but..


the charges were instead lowered by a judge and this horrible person was released on his own recognizance the following morning.

Released on your own recognizance means you don’t have to pay bail. … Defendants released on their own recognizance need only sign a written promise to appear in court as required. No bail has to be paid, either to the court or to a bail bond seller.


So this guy..this violent man..is out on the streets again with no consequences- zero.

Who will his next unsuspecting victim be?

When will he strike again?

Why don’t we care?

Why didn’t that judge care?

I’m directing this next question to all the parents out there who have kids who will inherit this upside down world we are creating.

“What’s it gonna take?”

At what point do we start hammer-calling the courts and our legislators demanding stiff penalties for these crimes? How bad does it need to get before we badger the press for more coverage, start petitions and march in the streets to stop this craziness?

I read today that a man who recently sucker-punched a 55 year old Asian woman in New York was previously arrested 17 times. I heard some official say something like “See? this is proof we really need to improve our mental health services..”

Mental health services…?

For whom?

The aggressive criminals who repeatedly attack complete innocents or the victims of these crimes who will forever be scarred by the violence visited upon them? A man who was beat, slashed and robbed in the New York subway last week told a reporter that after 30 years taking the train, he will never do it again..he’s way too traumatized.

Does he, or the others similarly assaulted, do they get free mental health services?

I’m sorry, but if you kill someone’s dog during an attack in the park..you go DIRECTLY to jail. You want services? No problem– you get them in the slammer away from our kids, our parents, our grandparents, our grandchildren, our friends and yes..our pets. You do not get to roam the streets, the subway or our parks until you pass “inspection” and are deemed safe.

Dirty restaurants are shut down, unsafe planes are grounded, ENTIRE CITIES, STATES AND COUNTRIES were recently quarantined (hello?) .. so c’mon folks, surely we can keep dangerous people locked in jail!!

Why is this hard?

You punch a lady in the face as she’s walking down the street in broad daylight and she falls to the ground unconscious..you go DIRECTLY to jail. You need services? Put your name on the list and wait for an appointment like the rest of us do.. only you will wait in prison because of the brutalities you inflicted upon others. You will stay locked in there so the rest of us can safely walk down the street, sit at an outdoor cafe, ride public transportation and take our kids and puppies to the park.

Why is this hard?

When will we finally elevate the rights of law abiding citizens above the rights of criminals and at what point will we face the fact that allowing violent, drug addicted, deranged people to escape justice is not, and never will be, proof that we care?


** I am e-mailing the Seattle city council and contacting the New York City’s mayor’s office to tell them that I have no intention of visiting their cities until they take steps to keep violent, repeat criminals off their streets.



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  1. LA says:

    Yeah. I just can’t even…I’m going to sidetrack. In nyc back in the 70s/early 80s, then mayor Koch set up a program. If you appeared to be mentally ill, police could bring you in for a psych evaluation. A woman who named herself Billie Boggs (after a nyc newscaster) fought going to an evaluation. ACLU got on her side and she was released and program stopped. So yeah….let’s think about how we try to help and then get stymied and someone gets hurt and we still do nothing….

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    1. Cindy says:

      My husband was around in the 70s in NYC..he said it’s starting to remind him of those days. I’m not sure what’s gotten into city officials who absolutely pander to these (usually drug addicted) criminals. I saw last night that San Francisco shop owners are simply watching as creeps come into their stores and waltz right out with merchandise they need because if it’s under $1,000 there are no repercussions for stealing. What the heck??? We have lost it!! This isn’t hard, it’s OBVIOUS what needs to happen. Don’t build another park for the homeless drug addicts to “play” in..build facilities to house and treat them!

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      1. LA says:

        Exactly!!! 100% let’s treat the ever growing number of people with addiction issues. Unless of course the government wants us depressed, dumb and drugged…which I’m beginning to think is the case…

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      2. Cindy says:

        We need to “community organize” the heck out of ourselves as law abiding citizens who want to be heard. How come WE have no voice? No pull? No sympathy? No respect?No standing? This is starting to drive me nuts.

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      3. LA says:

        Oh…I am right there with you……

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      4. Cindy says:

        I am sure you are this “living front and center” in NYC. I live in small town USA..and it still makes me crazy because I fear this craziness may eventually hit our town!

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      5. LA says:

        Though I will admit yesterday, my neighborhood crazy homeless guy was sitting on my block as I turned the corner with my groceries. I was carrying flowers and he asked who I bought them for. I replied they were for me. He told me “good for you. No one treats themselves right.” I laughed and brought him down an egg sandwich a bit later.

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      6. Cindy says:

        Here’s the deal, you and I (total non professionals) could probably walk down a street and EASILY pick out the “normal” homeless folks from the crack heads. Again..this isn’t hard!! If you are a happy go lucky guy living on the street-fine..if you are punching, stealing, mumbling, screaming, injecting, fighting or killing dogs..it’s time to gather you up and put you somewhere where you will not endanger yourself or others– until you are well enough to be back in society. This is the part we need politicians to understand..these folks may be living on the fringe, but they are STILL part of our society..esp when they prey on innocent people.

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      7. LA says:

        Completely right. I know this particular guy is crazy, but harmless crazy. I’m more worried about him getting beat up. But yeah….there’s a meth clinic in my neighborhood….that’s a fun experience….

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      8. Cindy says:

        Meth is the scourge of our generation..it is acid washing the brains of the zombies who use it. Seattle, San Fran, Portland are cities of walking dead..it is a catastrophe- but as long as they keep calling the meth problem a homeless problem..the nightmare will never end. You can’t ‘tiny house’ your way out of drug addiction.

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      9. LA says:

        Soooooo right!! We are allowing this to happen. And doing nothing to protect other people from addiction. It’s almost like they want us like this…dependent on them and unable to make a decision or live on our own….

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      10. Cindy says:

        I just had a bowl of cereal..is it too early for a bourbon chaser? HAHA! 😩-OMGOSH- this is soo alarming and depressing!!!!!!!!

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      11. LA says:

        I know….I know

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    In my city, we have a murder (or two, or three) every single night. And yet all the politicians talk about is reforming the police. I can’t begin to understand the values that are being foisted up on us.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I feel like we have no voice. Do we just sit here and watch this happen? I thought about how I would feel if I was attacked on a walk and my dog was killed…and then the perpetrator goes free in 24 hours? WHY? Because he’s on meth? homeless? mentally ill? I have no rights because I’m not any of those things? My husband and I went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore in 2019..had a wonderful time. The next year my daughter goes for a visit..same hotel..and they are dragging a statue of Columbus down the street from little Italy’s square and tossing it into the water. Again.. do we just sit and watch it all happen? The floor is falling out on this country and we have been told to just sit down, strap in, shut up and watch as it’s dismantled. I don’t want to do that anymore..

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