Countdown to y☀️ur best summer!

I saw it for the first time the other day….DELTA….and no, I’m not talking the airline.

I’m talking COVID.

Seems the “powers that be” have now decided to start classifying Covid variants using Greek letters of the alphabet. It’s more politically correct I guess..and it helps keep things fresh and fun for the general public not really knowing where these variants are coming from.

Hey, it could be worse, remember when Prince started calling himself:

Not that we all don’t recognize this:

Regardless.. (gee whiz, talk about a tangent..!) reading that recent article about how Delta is on track to becoming the dominant strain in the US and warning Americans about a third wave coming this fall got me thinking about this summer..

If I thought, for even one minute, that this summer was not the end of this pandemic but the eye..

what kind of summer would I want to create?

What kind of summer would you create?

As we count down to the official start of the season on June 20th, I’m going to devote the next few posts to ideas for creating truly memorable moments.

You should think of some too..

not just in case..

but just because.

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  1. LA says:

    That’s my philosophy. Just live. Enjoy. Do things that you want to do!!

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    1. Cindy says:

      It’s been extra special so far..everything is richer and more meaningful..more than a pleasure..a privilege.

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