Phew..that was fun 🥴

Yesterday I finished phase 2 of “Operation Photo Organization.”

Phase 1 began months ago in the thick of Covid as I sorted through hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds!) of loose photographs. I had boxes labeled and staged in the guest room and basically sat on the bed tossing pictures into them according to dates and/or locations. We have moved MANY times over our almost 40 year marriage and this is one instance when I’m grateful that we made sorting soo much easier.

After all the pics were organized, I began to scan them into our Epson fast foto machine. From there the files were uploaded, one at a time, into the cloud and our adult children were able to view them. This process went on for weeks.. I mean months. I’m sure if I had plunked all of them somewhere at once, no one would have looked at them, but making the files available in small batches as I uploaded them was a non-overwhelming way for our family to journey through the memories.

Phase 2 involved dismantling old photo albums..and let me just say.. UGH. While more organized of course, some of the pictures were stuck onto those gosh-darn, sticky pages and extricating them without ruining them was exceptionally time consuming. The Epson machine is also very sensitive to any material stuck onto the back of a photo and so many of the ones pulled from albums had to be individually scanned inside a special plastic sheath so they wouldn’t get stuck in the machine.

Yeah..double ugh.

But here I am..finished with Phase 2 and SO glad it’s completed! I have all this great shelf space available where the old, fat albums used to be and the photos are all organized, rubber banded and tightly stored in boxes. (My kids wanted me to keep the originals.)

There are still some straggler photos to be collected and a few scrapbooks to be photographed and uploaded but the bulk of this project is FINIS! There is also some art from the kids left to be scanned.. who knows, maybe I’ll put a few of their ‘pieces’ online and try to sell them while I’m at it.

Hey, this is America.. if Hunter Biden can make big money off his doodles, why can’t we? 😂

“Penguin with a Hat” – circa 1996. Crayon on construction paper. -$500,000 (USD) 🤣

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  1. LA says:

    My daughters art is up on my walls…maybe I can sell them too….

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    1. Cindy says:

      Hey- beauty, and value, is in the eye of the (anonymous) beholders. I think we should start our own kids art instagram page..everything should be priced the same -dollar store concept- to keep it simple.. $500,000 is a good round, fun number.

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      1. LA says:

        I like how you think…

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