Are you a hoarder of negativity?

Have you ever watched the TV show, Hoarders?

In the really nightmarish cases, the piles of junk in these homes have a ‘strata-like’ thing going on. While the stuff on the top of the pile is clearly recognizable, the oldest stuff on the way bottom has decomposed into a pressed down, smelly, almost unidentifiable, nasty mush.

Hoarders of negativity have the same strata-like layers of emotions with the oldest issues way down deep just rotting away creating a baseline foul environment that permeates their entire being.

I do not personally know anyone who hoards belongings, but I do know people who are hoarders of anger, resentment and pain. And just like the folks on TV absolutely refusing to throw away some moldy, roach infested magazine from 1969, there are those who simply will NOT let go of their “right” to be miserable.

Take a minute for yourself:

What negativity are you hoarding?

How long have you been holding on to it?

What leverage/protection does it provide?

What fear is keeping you from releasing it?

Is this a hold on someone else that is becoming a hold on you?

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  1. Ann Coleman says:

    In my darker moments, I think I’m married to a hoarder! Although our house looks quite nice and clean, he has his stashes of completely random things (and I do mean random) stuffed in odd drawers and boxes. But yes, I get exactly what you mean about hoarding our resentments and fears…..Clean it out, is my motto! Both physically and spiritually!

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    1. Cindy says:

      My husband..the garage..ugh. Every time we get to the bottom of a jar..mayo, pickles, spaghetti sauce..he’s soaking the labels off so he can house his teeny tiny tidbits on shelves in there.. HOARDING ALERT!!!! 🥴


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