Post Pandemic party!

We had our very first social gathering over the Memorial Day week-end; a picnic for some of our neighbors and friends who I knew were fully vaccinated. I know.. weird, but there you have it. I not only knew they were all vaccinated, I could tell you which “brand” each one received.. How’s that for…

Failing Inspection

This morning our local paper featured its report on recent restaurant inspections. My stomach tightened as I scrolled through the list of establishments that failed; happily, none the places we order take-out from were highlighted..this time. There were a few surprises though, local favorites were dinged for everything from grease build-up to improperly stored medicine….

We interrupt this winter to bring you: a taste of summer.. 🌺

This is a lazy chef’s dream: easy recipes that taste good, look pretty, are endlessly customizable and healthy for you. This one, from Cookie and Kate, fits the bill.. and for all of you struggling through a long winter, the flavor of the sauce will transport you to Florida.. where it was 84 degrees yesterday….

Missing Turkey

November 26, 2020- No kids, no mom, no extended family – just me and my husband. For Thanksgiving yesterday, I made a stuffed eggplant instead of turkey. (We are trying not to eat meat.) Everything else on the menu was pretty much the same as it usually is when I “do” the meal: stuffing, mashed…

What did I learn this week?

ABOUT FOOD-  I learned that just because pasta is green and comes in a green box, doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest option.  Case in point: That box of SuperGreens sure looks super healthy, and while it does surpass its plain counter-part in the nutrition department, nothing beats the bag of pasta made with just one ingredient:…

Croutons No More.

I use garbanzo beans on our salads instead of croutons..they are ADDICTIVE, delicious, easy to prepare..AND healthy! ** Added bonus, great source of protein for those having difficulty getting meat these days! RINSE WELL & DRAIN-                   ADD SPICES ROAST (425, about 25 mins?) ENJOY!