This is the way I see it..

We’re strapped in at 13,000 feet riding out a wicked storm in a crippled plane. That terrible noise you hear is coming from a gaping hole that has already sucked out a few rows of passengers and two heroic flight attendants who were trying to save them. All I can do is grip my seat,…

I never..

I never realized how many armchair “experts” (on absolutely everything) we have in this country. Thank goodness for Facebook, Instagram and all the rest, without which we wouldn’t have access to this “braintrust.” 😏 I never realized how many sweet neighbors we have.  They are starting to drag lawn chairs out onto their driveways in the…

Gratitude in Pieces

Music- a warm bed- Hot coffee.. .. All pieces.. part of a puzzle that if collected.. and fit together create the life-changing masterpiece that is.. A grateful life.   Happy Thanksgiving!    

A Thanksgiving Story

This past week-end we took an Uber to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  Maxwell, our driver, was an African immigrant from a small village in Nigeria who had been in the United States just a few years. His Honda was immaculate both inside and out and he described with pride how he worked hard to…


Feel free to fill in the blank.. 💜