Break Free

Well, the moment is here. My laptop has given all it’s got and it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

I bought this particular laptop 6 years ago to replace one I was having constant problems with. Sadly, when the genius at Apple (hey, that’s what they call themselves, right?) migrated all my “stuff” over to the new Macbook, the issues that plagued the old system came right along with it. So yeah, it’s been “ugh.” I’m looking forward to a fresh, clean slate, as are my kids who are tired of hearing me complain about my computer!

Life application:

Many of us can look at our extended family and identify clear legacy issues that seem to bleed over from one generation into the next. Problems like substance abuse are obvious. Others, like learned, pernicious personality traits, while seemingly less overt can still wreak havoc in our lives.

Choosing not to allow destructive legacy issues to take root in our lives is an ongoing, laser focused, commitment. It requires identifying the destructive, familial predisposition and building a customized firewall to keep it from undermining our life. The stakes are high because if we aren’t successful, we run the risk of becoming a generational conduit.. passing the issue right on down to our kids.

Take a minute for yourself:

What are the issues (both obvious and not) that have clearly plagued successive generations of your family?

Have you been able to build a successful firewall against them?

What would it take to do so?

Where does forgiveness fit in?

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  1. beth says:

    So important to consider

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    1. Cindy says:

      When I say this is an ongoing commitment, it really is.

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I think it takes a very intentional effort not to pass on the issues from one generation to another. I believe it’s possible to do it, but we really do have to work at it.

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