Don’t worry, be nappy..

What would it actually look like if we didn’t have a care in the world? I’m guessing we’d look more like my dog in who’s case the primary manifestation of lack of worldly worries is clearly the ability to nap anytime – anyplace. Here’s to a week-end of sweet dreams!

New Routine..

Seems pup & pop have both adjusted quite well to addition of afternoon naps.

How cold is it?

Well, it got cold enough (in Florida) last night for us to dig through our drawers and retrieve the snuggly, warm  Hanna Anderson pajamas my sister gave us for Christmas. Yes, all 3 of us! 🥰

This little dog of mine…💜

It was April 8th, 2018, the week after Easter, when I drove down to Florida from Charleston, SC to pick up Daisy, our 8 week old Havanese puppy. My husband had just completed the Cooper Bridge Run and we had enjoyed a wonderful day walking all over the city, eating at great restaurants, trying out…