Changing your footprint

There are two types of kitchen renovations:

#1 Same “footprint.”

#2 New “footprint.”

New footprint means that you are moving stuff (important stuff) like the sink, the oven and the island. New footprint means there will be jack hammers digging trenches for plumbing and your ceiling will need lights and AC vents moved. New footprint means new floors..all new floors.

A new footprint is a major transformation with tentacles of interconnected changes; foundational prerequisites required to support the vision.

The magnitude of it all can be intimidating.  We haven’t even started and I am pretty exhausted just from emptying closets, moving food, creating a temporary kitchen and once again re-evaluating what stays and what goes.. (to Goodwill.)

This process, like any major reinvention, has been bootcamp for all that is flabby and lazy and procrastinating about me.  It has forced me to critically examine how I live, (I had way too much “stuff) and contemplate what I value (Do I want to keep that built-in cabinet?)  I have had to crack through my own “hardened concrete” to lay the groundwork for something new and more aligned with how my husband and I live today.

This kitchen project is a reflection of the renovation occurring in my life; the crafting of a new footprint, one that is simpler, more flexible, responsive, forward leaning, healthier..and much less afraid.

You are never too old to reno.


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  1. Hey_Jude6119 says:

    I love the kitchen before!

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    1. Cindy says:

      HEY!! You can’t say that!! 😂..this isn’t that show on TV where the wife wants a new house and the husband likes the old’s not up for debate!!! HAHA.. (what show is that anyway?? Not flip or flop..LOVE IT OR LIST IT!!!!) Anyway..this is the kitchen the way it was when we bought the was fine, not my aesthetic/colors at all..but we managed just fine. The real driver to the whole reno was the flooring: carpets in dreadful shape and wood flooring even worse..incl in we had to decide if we were going to lay down new floor to fit the old kitchen or do it all right, right now. So we are doing it all..all the floors and the kitchen. It’s gonna be a big deal for a few weeks that’s for sure..😬


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