What’s going on out there?

My husband and I took a ride in the car yesterday. It’s been a while since I’ve left our place and I was curious..

Traffic was (surprisingly) almost at normal levels.

Landscapers were mowing, cutting and blowing. Pool guys are busy, construction is happening.

Home Depot parking lot was bustling..I saw a few people wearing masks.

Lots of stores are closed.

Long lines at McDonalds drive-thru..

ditto at Chick-fil-A.

Downtown area is pretty much deserted- mom and pop stores are closed.

Florida stats as of yesterday:

The population of Florida is 21,477,737

There have been almost 21,000 cases of Covid-19

There are presently 3,050 people hospitalized.

There have been 571 deaths.

While those 75 and older account for 11% of the cases, they represent 59% of the fatalities.

If you remove Floridans 65 and up from both number of cases and fatalities and focus only on ages 0-64, there would still be 15,800 cases of COVID-19. There are 99 fatalities in this age range-  0.6%.

To date, no specific details (beyond generalizations) on co-morbidities have been provided.






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  1. LA says:

    I see you’ve been working on the find relevant stats, eliminate the bull scenario

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    1. Cindy says:

      I’m just trying to figure out how this virus affects those 65 and under..esp students AND the (vast majority of) workers. Getting retired golfers back into the clubhouse for afternoon martinis is one thing..getting the American people back to work and securing a future is a much, much, much more important thing. Can these things be separated?

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      1. LA says:

        I think we’ll be tested for immunity.very honestly, I can’t imagine that me, my husband or daughter haven’t been exposed, or haven’t had a light case of it. I think it’s testing for immunity and harvesting plasma of those who had it to give to people who need it

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      2. Cindy says:

        Yup! Three of our four kids are in healthcare..my daughter’s been sick three times since Jan..who knows without testing if she’s had it or not..

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      3. LA says:

        Exactly. Which is what keeps getting lost in the shuffle. If you’re in Florida or Louisiana, New York, Washington, California ….to say you haven’t been exposed is, I don’t know what’s the right word. More if us have been exposed than we think. Doesn’t mean people haven’t died or been very sick. But yeah….

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