#1 On My Bucket List!

There I was, standing in a paper “gown,” staring out the picture window at the beautiful view waiting for my dermatologist to come into the exam room.  At one point, a fisherman motored by in his boat to pull up traps spaced along the dock.  Maybe the traps were nothing but a ruse so he could come in closer to the building to see if there were any twenty year olds getting their annual mole checks..🤔

Poor guy..sorry to disappoint..HAHA! Lucky for him this old bod of mine was completely wrapped.. and masked!


Only in Florida..😅

Poor old Florida.. Corona is really doing a number on it. We’ve had over 40 Covid deaths since February in our county and this morning our local sheriff added another layer to the sad situation; cops have responded to 131 drug overdoses so far this year- 23 of them fatal..three deaths in the last week-end alone. These are huge increases from last year and he said he had no doubt that this Corona sh*! show is partially to blame.

It got me thinking about the mental toll this pandemic is having. I have friends who are truly fighting off depression at this point.  Heck, there are days that I really struggle to put a smile on my face.. which is one of the reasons why I purchased a bucket-list book for me and my husband to fill out.


Now I know that bucket lists are supposed to be full of once in a lifetime, fantasy trips to Thailand etc..but let’s face it..we’re living in a time when a trip to the dermatologist feels like a big deal, right? Our bucket list won’t be a list of the MAJOR stuff we want to do before we croak, it’s gonna be a list of the NORMAL things we hope we can do again soon..like visit our kids..or go to our favorite restaurant for a long, lazy dinner..a week-end get-away to the Keys…or a trip to Busch Gardens..that kind of “normal” stuff.


Last night we added our first item to the book: we bought tickets to see David Foster in concert..

in FEBRUARY..as in 2021.


Believe it or not, the seats were 3/4 sold..so others must be filling in their own bucket lists. We watched a FABULOUS documentary on Foster’s life on NETFLIX the other day.  For anyone over the age of 45, I HIGHLY recommend you watch it with the volume turned up high. You will recognize and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the music!!

Anyway..here’s the deal: it feels SOOOO good to have purchased tickets for a show. Will it actually happen? Who knows..all I know is having some things planned that we can look forward to is an AMAZING feeling.

Creating a bucket list gives me hope and fills me with excitement for the future.

I need that right now.






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  1. LA says:

    Ok first off. The bucket list book is perfect and I’m getting one right now. Secondly the other effects of corona are going to be far worse than the disease. Far worse. Suicide. Agoraphobia. Depression. Alcohol. Drugs. PTSD. Take however many people die from corona. Multiply is by 1000, and that’s the toll this will take on us.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Divorce..don’t forget that! I’m a pretty happy person by default..but this is wearing on me too. They have GORGEOUS bucket list books on Amazon..you will find one that’s perfect for you..(maybe even with stickers..HAHA!!) In all seriousness..when my husband pulled up the seating chart last night I was GIDDY at the thought of going..of course then we proceeded to argue about seating…he picked front and center..I’m like NO WAY AM I SITTING SOMEWHERE WITH PEOPLE BESIDE, BEHIND AND IN FRONT OF ME!!!! I need balcony, front row, on the aisle for the least cooties..HAHA!! But I am SUPER EXCITED..I’m believing this will be a GO.

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      1. LA says:

        Sounds awesome!!! And yes….I was socially distant talking with a neighbor last night and we were saying that divorce is going to skyrocket!

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      2. Cindy says:

        The strain on families in general has been extreme..esp those with teens who are just like caged tigers at this point.

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      3. LA says:

        Don’t. Get. Me. Started.

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      4. Cindy says:

        That’s right..I forgot…you guys have a tiger. 🐅

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