Groundhog Day..nuthin’!

While I don’t understand all of details involved in the recent kerfuffle about GAME STOP, I can tell you that I’m not one bit surprised by the popularity of all things gaming thanks to the pandemic. If you thought kids (and adults) were hooked on their Play Stations and X-Boxes before Covid, my friend- you should see them now!

Pretty sure we all could have seen that coming..

Pandemic generated trends have been interesting to watch. Remember the rush last spring to “trick out” the back yard? Overnight, we all became landscape designers, many of us adding expensive additions like pools, play sets, fire pits and outdoor theaters.

How about the “baking trend?” Remember when flour disappeared off the shelves as fast as toilet paper did? That was fun except for the part where our mid sections began expanding like renegade sour dough starter..which led (of course) straight to the sweat pants phase..which is now seamlessly morphing into part two of the exercise phase.

The nostalgia trend seems to have some staying power.. board games, puzzles, roasting marshmallows, old TV shows and now I see it’s possibly influencing retro fashion trends. Not only are floods and high waisted pants making an (unwelcome) come-back, according to the WSJ so is ordering clothing from catalogs! Seems we are psychologically being drawn to that old-fashioned shopping experience because there’s a beginning and an end to a paper catalog..that in stark contrast to the never-ending scrolling online.

A beginning and an end..what a concept!

After months of never-ending Virus-turmoil, I can see how that idea is hugely attractive right about now. My mom is awaiting her second Moderna vaccine and it seems the closer she gets to the end of her Covid House arrest, the harder it is to wait another second. I’m bringing her a paper chain today so she can hopefully develop a better handle on how much time is left and see her progress as she tears off one link every day.

“The end of this mess and the beginning of something better is coming mom..hang in there!”

There’s no paper chain for me just yet..

I’m not over 65, not a first responder, not a healthcare worker and I have no underlying health issues (thank God.) And while I’m totally fine waiting my turn, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s this sense that there’s no firm end that has caused me the most unease. Some mornings I am gripped with an almost overwhelming Groundhog Day I’m stuck in that movie where Bill Murray wakes up to the same music on his clock radio and restarts yesterday…again and again.


Groundhog Day nuthin’ … it’s been a Groundhog YEAR!

I need to figure out a way to shake things up this month.. something exciting, something different, something that doesn’t include ordering corduroy pants from Lands End. 🙄

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  1. LA says:

    The GameStop thing is the start of a big problem

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    1. Cindy says:

      I need to read more about it, but first I need to find space in my soul to fit another problem I can’t do anything about..🥴

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      1. LA says:

        It’s more of my big tech will get us all because it’s too easy to manipulate things

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      2. Cindy says:

        Covid, bit tech..we’re doomed. I was looking at a walking/biking trail APP the other day…seemed like a great idea until I scrolled down to look at what you’d be allowing them access to on your phone if you downloaded the app..stunning..I was like HECK NO..but truthfully, my “profile” is already out there I’m sure being traded all day like any other commodity. (We’re doomed- I’m going back to bed..)

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      3. LA says:

        Well…we’re all in the same boat…so there’s that

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      4. Cindy says:

        Big cruise ship big. 😬

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      5. LA says:

        But it’s ok. The language will be inclusive. Congress has done what it set out to do

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      6. Cindy says:

        🍷… 🍼… 💊…

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  2. I really resonated with you saying that you need to figure out a way to shake things up. I’ve been feeling similar recently. Everything just feels the same and repetitive and almost too comfortable. It’s hard to think of ways to shake things up though (or at least that’s how I feel), because COVID restrictions stop a lot of the options. Thanks for your post! It was comforting to know that someone feels similar to me. I look forward to reading you blog more and hope you pop over to mine sometime to say hi haha 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      ..No, you are not alone and is hard to shake things up cause where can you go to shake it?? 🤨 Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to visiting your blog!


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