Go ahead…it’s OK.

I’m an ice-cream freak, I’ll admit it, especially during the hot summer months. Ben and Jerry’s, Coldstone, Briars..  My favorite: coffee with chocolate bits, cookie chunks, crushed Health Bars, some kind of crunchy goodness mixed in there..oh.my.gosh.

Unfortunately, reality keeps nipping at my heels every time I get my annual blood test results.  Numbers that should be high continue sinking (calcium, D) and the low ones keep marching up. The good cholesterol is getting worse and the bad cholesterol is getting “better..” 🤔..or whatever.  This is putting a real crimp in my dessert options; thick, creamy ice-cream being one of the endangered items on the ever shrinking list.

Enter this little life-saver:

The YASSO, chocolate peanut butter frozen Greek yogurt bar.

I know, I know, the packaging is ugly; it looks like something you’d find at the bottom of some frosted up, rusty old freezer at a gas station.  And the depiction of the chocolate there with the peanut butter chips suspended in it..I mean c’mon, who is the art director over at Yasso?  This isn’t making me think of dessert, it’s making me think of my poor little puppy who has had an upset tummy for days.

REGARDLESS..these bars are creamy, decadent and delicious..and I don’t even love greek yogurt or Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, so that tells you something! Plus look at the label, it could be worse!


Don’t let the summer go by without indulging in this little frozen chunk of chocolatey fabulousness.

I promise, you will NOT regret it.  Let me know what you think!



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  1. David Davis says:

    I agree about the crunchy stuff. I could never understand the allure of plain vanilla.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Me neither!!!


    2. Cindy says:

      oh..unless it’s on a brownie.

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