Rolling the Dice

I want to feel more sorry and less angry about this story in today’s paper:

An Orlando husband and wife left for a two week cruise on March 8th..yes, March 8th and now they are in a real Corona jam with a growing number of sick passengers onboard.

I’m just curious, were they watching TV while they zipped up their luggage? Did they see that quarantined Princess Cruise ship floating off the coast of California desperately trying to find a port willing to take them? Did their friends remind them of the nightmare experienced by the passengers stuck on that ship in Japan?

All we’ll ever know is that in the face of a growing, global epidemic, this couple rolled the dice and went on vacation– a cruise no less.

Kinda like another local family that went to Peru (or Argentina) about ten days ago and are now struggling to find a way back to Florida. The father (a physician) is running low on insulin.

Again-  Not to sound insensitive, but what the…?

Meanwhile, back home, people have been working from their sofas, home-schooling, socially distancing, cancelling weddings and vacations and in some cases putting themselves under self-imposed quarantine..why? So we don’t become a burden on others..most importantly, the physicians and nurses who are risking their lives and busting their rear-ends at every hospital across the entire world.

“We aren’t just numbers, we are humans..” the wife stuck on the boat told a reporter.

While (obviously) true,  every single one of these passengers “played the numbers” that day they decided to ignore the headlines, pack their bathing suits and flip flops and head out of town for some well deserved RnR.

At last count, there were 77 sick people aboard this Holland America ship cruising full steam ahead towards a locked down Fort Lauderdale pretty much daring the port authorities not to let them in.

So now others will be forced to roll the dice because these folks did..and the stakes just keep getting higher.

Message of the day:

In this moment in history, your conduct and decisions can have a HUGE, possibly LIFE ALTERING, positive or negative impact on others.









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