We’re on a (whole wheat ) roll.. 😉

My husband and I are rolling into week two of our “clean-er eating” adventure. We are not on any special diet (though it is 95% vegetarian) or following any complicated plan.

No counting, weighing, portion control, measuring or any other such complexities.

We’re just using common sense: fresh, nutritious, whole foods, less alcohol and a lot less sugar. It’s not that we’ve been eating that poorly, we’ve just upped the commitment level, especially when it comes to cutting way back on meat..of all kinds.

Without going into details that would gross you out, let’s just say that I was recently placed on the colonoscopy equivalent of the frequent flyer program. That was the final motivation I needed to stop putting things into my mouth that could possibly tilt the odds of continued good health away from me as I get older.  As my daughter likes to say ” genes may load the gun, but how you live pulls the trigger.” Who knows how true that actually is, but at least it makes me feel like I can do something!

The hardest part of this, (and surprisingly..it hasn’t been that hard) are the cravings I get for something sweet in the evening. Interestingly enough, it only lasts about 20 minutes.

The cravings remind me of Daisy when she was a puppy.. Every time I’d sit down to watch TV after dinner and she’d start jumping up on me scratching my legs with her super sharp puppy nails..begging for attention. Our trainer told us to simply ignore her and she would eventually go away.

Same concept with the sugar cravings..and guess what, it works.

So onward we go.. 👍



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  1. beth says:

    Best of luck

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